Meet the PResident

Anycia Grady, MSSA, LISW-S

Anycia Grady, MSSA, LISW-S hails from Cleveland, OH. Being reared as a military dependent she always had a nack for connecting with people of various socio-economic status. So, her pursuing a career in the helping profession was not a surprise to those closest to her. She possessed an advocacy heart from a young age and turned this into her career as Clinically Licensed Independent Social Worker. January 1, 2020 Anycia established her private practice 20/20 Life Counseling LLC to provide a true therapeutic experience for her community after serving in varying social worker roles since 2008. As her business grew, the pandemic hit and it sent the global community into survival mode and into action. Anycia chose action as she began receiving countless calls from minorities seeking support. Yet, they only wanted someone who “looks like me” to be responsible for their care. Anycia’s case load was well beyond it’s max and searching the web, there were not many Minority clinicians to refer to. This was a major issue. So, while under covid precautions December of 2021 due to contracting the virus, Anycia used her idle isolation time to problem solve an issue we did not know we had until the minority community began seeking services like never before. Thus, C.A.B.E.L was formed to become the solution to the identified disparity challenges the minority community faces when it comes to Healthcare, financial readiness, home buying etc. There is a driven focus in supporting the minority community in advancing in S.T.E.M. or vocational programming in High Schools. Yet, Anycia realized a barrier is there is inadequate minority representation in professional spaces for the minority community to connect with and that must change.


The purpose of C.A.B.E.L. is to break the cycle of disparity and distrust between minorities and working professionals: (1) by providing accessible resources and programming for under-represented individuals; and, (2) by supporting progressing professionals in navigating the educational, credentialling and leadership development process. The goal and objective is to increase minority professionals in the community by removing barriers and challenges to excelling in their careers. By increasing the number of credentialled professionals in areas such as health care, mental health, finances, etc., it will promote equitable access to resources for those in the community-ultimately reducing the disparity gaps in care needs.


The Mission of C.A.B.E.L. is to increase the presence and influence of minorities in under-represented professional spaces.


Build Innovative Community Collaboration We develop and establish integral relationships with community partners to work collectively on creating new methods, ideas, or products to reduce disparities within the local, state, and global communities.

Fortify Diversity in Service With Compassion, Integrity, and Respect, we support being a bridge of hope to reduce the gaps in disparity within the minority community by strengthening a Tri-Cord interconnected bond between the organization, the community at large, and the people.

Construct Equitable Balance We bring together various conceptual elements within the community to create accessibility to trainings, education, resources, and leadership opportunities by forging foundational relationships within the community.